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Dr Shona Koren Paterson
Research Fellow II - Global Challenges

Eastern Gateway 102


Shona’s transdisciplinary research here at Brunel focuses on global flood risk and resilience but her main driver is the generation of defensible research informed by the needs of society and co-created with the intended beneficiaries. Her work is motivated by international frameworks such as the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Shona has extensive experience in the Caribbean, the Americas, and the UK where her research has focussed on numerous interlinked areas including coastal resource management, climate adaptation and adaptive capacity in urbanising coastal areas, governance and social justice, and the society-policy-practice nexus. She has spent her working career building partnerships and knowledge exchange networks with local communities and stakeholders to achieve mutually beneficial social and ecological goals


Ph.D. Coastal Resource Management (East Carolina/Massachusetts)

MSc. Tropical Coastal Management (Newcastle)

BSc. (Hons). Marine Biology (Plymouth)

Newest selected publications

Normandin, JM., Therrien, MC., Pelling, M. and Paterson, S. (2018) 'The Definition of Urban Resilience: A Transformation Path Towards Collaborative Urban Risk Governance.', in Brunetta, G., Caldarice, O., Tollin, N., Rosas-Casals, M. and Morato, J. (eds.) Urban Resilience for Risk and Adaptation Governance Theory and Practice. Springer. pp. 9 - 26. ISBN 10: 331976943X.

Book chapter

Marengo, J., Muller-Karger, F., Pelling, M., Reynolds, CJ., Merrill, SB., Nunes, LH., et al. (2017) 'An Integrated Framework to Analyze Local Decision Making and Adaptation to Sea Level Rise in Coastal Regions in Selsey (UK), Broward County (USA), and Santos (Brazil)'. American Journal of Climate Change, 06 (02). pp. 403 - 424. ISSN: 2167-9495 Open Access Link

Journal article

Paterson, SK., Pelling, M., Nunes, LH., de Ara├║jo Moreira, F., Guida, K. and Marengo, JA. (2017) 'Size does matter: City scale and the asymmetries of climate change adaptation in three coastal towns'. Geoforum, 81. pp. 109 - 119. ISSN: 0016-7185 Open Access Link

Journal article

Paterson, S., Politi, E., Ansong, J. and Le Tissier, M. (2017) 'Framing marine spatial planning: future orientation and innovation as steps to success for global cooperation and sustainability.', in Kitsiou, D. and Karydis, M. (eds.) Marine Spatial Planning Methodologies, Environmental Issues and Current Trends. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. pp. 197 - 197. ISBN 10: 1536121703. ISBN 13: 9781536121704.

Book chapter

Fraser, A., Paterson, S. and Pelling, M. (2016) 'Developing Frameworks to Understand Disaster Causation: From Forensic Disaster Investigation to Risk Root Cause Analysis'. Journal of Extreme Events, 03 (02). pp. 1650008 - 1650008. ISSN: 2345-7376 Open Access Link

Journal article
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