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PhD research projects

Student      Research Area     

Fatema Al-Yazeedi      
Dr Annette Payne and Dr Tim Cribbin   

Technology assisted feedback strategies in teaching

Shafali Talisa Arya      
Dr Stanley Gaines and Dr Bridget Dibb  


Psychosocial aspects of Infertility treatment  


Ingrid Bacon
Dr Frances Reynolds, Elizabeth McKay and Dr Anne McIntyre


An exploration of the experience of codependency through interpretative phenomenological analysis    


Razan Baker 
Dr Vassil Girginov and Dr Laura Hills 


The role of internet assisted communication tools in promoting participation in physical activity among youths in Saudi Arabia  


John Brierley 
Dr Daniel Rhind and Dr Misia Gervis    


Emotional resilience    


Yusi Cheng
Dr Emma Wainwright, Prof., Sue Buckingham and Dr. Paula Zwozdiak-Myers     


Exploring students’ learning of sustainable development through music education


Celena Dell
Dr Daniel Rhind and Dr Misia Gervis  


Investigating the Experiences of Football Referees


Erin Dermody      
Prof Clare Williams and Prof Clive Seale


Dark tourism    


Helen Findlay
Dr Frances Reynolds and Professor Peter Beresford             


Service user involvement in palliative care


Lucia Franco
Dr Pam Alldred, Prof Dany Nobus and Dr Lindsey Nichols             


Narratives of Multiple Realities in Psychosis   


Jennifer Hall 
Dr Louise Mansfield, Prof Tess Kay and Prof Alison McConnell     


Evaluation of the effect of a multi-component workplace intervention on sitting, standing and physical activity


Neil Levitan
Dr Sandra Naylor and Dr Pam Alldred


Practitioners’ Uses for Learning from Critical Training On Gender Violence


Kee Hean Lim
Dr Frances Reynolds


Understanding mental health service users’ experiences of recovery using the Kawa model  


Jamie McDermott
Dr Daniel Rhind and Dr Laura Hills


Blowing the whistle on abuse: developing safer organisational cultures in sport   


Asian Ghaemian Oskouei
Dr Bridget Dibb and Dr Stanley Gaines   


Living with Epilepsy in Iran and the UK: the role of social anxiety and social comparison   


Frank Owusu-Sekyere
Dr Daniel Rhind and Dr Laura Hills     


Safeguarding Children in Sport and Sport Development


Venecia Pearce
Dr Stanley Gaines and Dr Bridget Dibb


Obesity in Jamaica


Ebony Reid
Dr Pam Alldred, Dr Fin Cullen and Dr Simon Bradford     


Road culture: ethnography into marginalised identities on a london estate.          


Nabeela Saleem
Dr Arthur Money


Usability of rehabilitation apps for upper limb injuries


Mansooreh Saniei
Prof Clare Williams and Dr Alan Cribb          


Embryonic stem cell research in Iran


Nashmel Sargalo
Dr Bridget Dibb and Dr Stanley Gaines


The experience of stigma in people with epilepsy in Kurdistan and the UK


Maria Stein
Dr Frances Reynolds and Dr Cherry Kilbride


Functional outcomes associated with hemi-inattention after stroke  


Nancy Tamimi
Prof Clare Willams, Dr, Steve Wainwright and Dr Hauke Reisch


Use of E cigarettes


Anna Tippett
Dr Sharon Lockyer and Dr Peter Wilkin   


Body Politics: A Critical Analysis of the Sexualisation of Popular Culture and the Rise of Lads’ Mags  


Paula Wittels
Dr Louise Mansfield and Prof Tess Kay


Shaping health: a qualitative investigation of the eating and physical activity behaviour of women of low socioeconomic status