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Research Institutes

Welcome to Brunel's Research Institutes

Brunel has four Research Institutes that bring together academics from most of our research areas to collaboratively tackle very specific challenges to the world’s economy and society. They are world leading, with highly-cited papers, substantial grant income and provide a thriving community for research staff and students. 

Institute of Environment, Health and Societies' research relates to the quality of our environment and to our health and wellbeing, and combines social, health and environmental sciences with engineering and design to enable exciting and innovative cross-disciplinary approaches. Institute of Digital Futures brings together digital science and technology innovation and advancement, aligned with the Grand Challenges of the UK’s Industrial Strategythereby enhancing the global citizen’s quality of life.  Institute of Energy Futures has particular strengths in environmental design in refrigeration, heating and cooling and  disruptive energy and fuels bringing together researchers from different disciplines as well as mainstream engineering research. Institute of Materials and Manufacturing aims to improve the performance of materials and structures and become the leading international provider of materials and manufacturing research.