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Brunel Older People's Reference Group

Brunel Older People’s Reference Group (BORG) is a database of local people aged over 50 who are interested in Brunel and the research that goes on here.  The group was set up in 2009 when researchers with a special interest in ageing wanted to raise the profile of our ageing studies group.  We visited local community groups to present some of the exciting cutting edge research into ageing that takes place at Brunel.  We also held a community research fair, taking over the indoor market in a shopping centre in Uxbridge with stalls presenting different ageing research groups and activities.

Older people who sign up to the BORG group are sent invitations for public lectures and events and will also receive invitations to help with research projects.  BORG members have no obligation to take part in anything but they can respond to any of the invitations that interest them. A maximum of one mailing per month is sent out.

Joining BORG

Contacting BORG

Instructions for Academics and Researchers (Staff or Student) wishing to send invitations to BORG members. 

  1. Any student wishing to use the BORG resource must first agree the suitability of using BORG for their project with their academic supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for checking the BORG application before submission.
  2. For research participation invitations, researchers must apply for, and receive, ethical approval through their College.
  3. Once ethics has been confirmed, the researcher should send the following documents to Dr Elmar, copied to Mrs Anna
  • A copy of the Ethics form submitted to the Committee
  • The Ethics approval confirmation letter
  • Risk assessment
  • A completed proforma with the core information about the proposed research being sent to BORG members (found here)

NB. This proforma is an invitation for BORG members to participate in the research and should describe the activity to be carried out and the reason for the research. Requests that are incomplete or are unclear will be returned for amending. If there are any queries, the lead academic for BORG will contact the student and their supervisor directly.

  • It should include the researcher’s name and contact detail both email and phone number.
  • For students contact details of their supervisor should be included. 
  • All correspondence sent to the BORG should be in a clear font (eg: Arial) and preferably using a font size of 14 (no smaller than 12)

4.    The Lead academic will then confirm if the mailing can be sent to the BORG and forward the final document(s) to Dr Elmar Kal and Anna Liddle for inclusion in the next mailing.

Joining BORG Form

To join BORG, please either download the form here or you can complete the online form here

Timetable for mailing BORG

The submission date for mailing BORG is the final Monday of each month (or the final Tuesday if this falls on a bank holiday). We will then aim to mail the Group within 10 days.


BORG 10th Birthday Bash, 2019

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