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2nd International Arts in Healthcare Event Arts, Creativity and the Global Crisis: Reimagining Identity, Otherness and the Possible

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How do we effect global change? Delivered by leading thinkers and practitioners in the field, this conference brings together arts therapists, academics and researchers to explore the bigger picture about how we experience, understand and relate to otherness where todays challenges are political, ecological and relational.

Conference aims:

This conference aims to address and respond to some of the major challenges of our time. We are faced with cultural, political and social divides and detachment from environmental catastrophe. Otherness appears to be a growing phenomenon in the face of which we build dialogues, network, take action and respond to where we are now.

The success of these actions is based on our capacity to revisit our own percep­tions, to imagine where we are, to create new realities, to be able to empathise and be open to new emotional experiences. This conference invites you to address the question of how we can reimagine identity, otherness and the possible in today’s changing world, where the arts are not the outcome of endeavours to change the health of the world, but are intrinsic to the pro­cess.

Art, music, drama, dance are not the peripheral effect that illustrates what is happening in our world, but are core to how we understand, experience and challenge what is happening. This is evident in the places where therapists in health are using arts to facilitate new ways of seeing, where social action is driven by creative engagement, and where arts are transforming environments.

This conference is for arts therapists, arts in health workers, social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, creatives, entrepreneurs, health professionals, people who want to help people to engage in arts to change the world we live in for the better.

Confirmed Speakers:

Brunel University London & The International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training (CNWL), NYU, Pratt Institute and Edge Hill University.

  • Professor Thomas Betteridge - Brunel University, UK
  • Professor Dominik Havsteen-Franklin - Brunel University, UK
  • Professor Vicky Karkou - Edge Hill University, UK
  • Professor Nisha Sajnani - NYU, USA
  • Associate Professor Linda Siegel - Pratt, USA

Conference Programme:

Day 1: The Creative Edge of Research:

- Reimagining Identity, Otherness and the Possible
- NYU Creative Arts Therapies Consortium Launch (at NYU Steinhardt)

Day 2: Evidence Based Practice:

- Curiosity, Reflexivity and Otherness
- Mentalization Based Approaches (at Pratt)

Day 3-4: Conference

- Arts, Creativity and the Global Crisis: Reimagining Identity, Otherness and the Possible (at Pratt)


  • Introductory sessions
  • Key note speakers
  • 20 parallel workshops
  • Theatre
  • Exhibitions
  • Research projects
  • Poster presentations

These events will be linked with arts events in London, Dubai and China which will be streamed during the event.


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Enquiries: arts.global@nhs.net