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Report brings the work of Brunel Institutes into focus

The successes of Brunel's three Research Institutes and 15 central research themes are highlighted in their first annual report. Since being formed in 2014, the Institutes have provided staff from all areas to take part in challenge-led, multidisciplinary research projects. The report provides an overview of the three Institutes and the research carried out by the individual themes within them. 

In his foreward to the report, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Geoff Rodgers said that the Institutes had produced a 'sea change' in research activity, and brought a new energy to the research community on campus by providing greater opportunities for collaboration and research. 

The Institutes now incorporate 330 members, and have achieved notable success, such as securing more than £30 million in external research funding, including funding for two national centres in structural engineering and metalurgy. They have started around 150 new research projects and established 25 new collaborations with external partners, from UK and international universities to major companies like Jaguar Land Rover. 

Copies of the report were given to all guests at the recent Brunel means Business event in London, helping to further promote the work of the Institutes with our partners in government and industry. 

Read the report here