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The Royal Society of Medicine and Brunel University London lead a high profile meeting for Public Health

The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) - Epidemiology & Public Health Section, in partnership with Brunel University London, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Public Health England and Imperial College London organised a workshop to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Bradford Hill seminal lecture in January 1965, “The environment and disease: association or causation?”. The workshop titled “Association or causation in miasmas and mixtures: Current reflections on Bradford Hill's 1965 contribution to Public Health”, aimed to address the critical issues for public and environmental health raised in the Bradford Hill lecture and subsequent landmark paper and in light of today’s knowledge about multi-causality and complexity, to critically re-assess his approach and the use, misuse and current utility of his "viewpoints" in avoiding or minimising harm to public health and environments.

The RSM hosted the two day workshop on 13-14 October 2016, held at the same venue of the Bradford Hill lecture in 1965. A strong line-up of renowned international speakers discussed these issues with participants that included EU and national level risk assessment committees, policymakers, academics, and key stakeholder groups.

The meeting was introduced by Professor John Ashford, CBE, President of Epidemiology & Public Health Section, RSM, and Professor Juliette Legler, Brunel University. Speakers included Abee Boyles, Elisabeth Cardis, Carl Cranor, David Gee, Lennart Hardell, Andreas Kortenkamp, Raymond Neutra, Richard Peto, Geof Rayner, Kenneth Rothman, Christina Ruden, Kurt Straif, Jan Vandenbroucke, Paolo Vineis and Tracey Woodruff.

For more information and for future updates please view The Royal Society of Medicine.

For all enquiries about this meeting and its outcome, please contact Dr Ariana Zeka,, on behalf of the organising committee.