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Research Misconduct

Any person engaging in research in the name of Brunel University London is expected to observe the highest standards of conduct.  The general principles in relation to research are addressed in the Brunel University London Research Integirty Code and in the University Code of Research Ethics. The senior officer responsible for dealing with cases of suspected misconduct is Mr Eliot Glover, Chief Governance Officer. He can be contacted at

The University defines research misconduct thus:

Research misconduct includes fabrication, falsification, fiscal wrong-doing, plagiarism or deception in proposing, carrying out or reporting results of research, deliberate and dangerous or negligent deviations from accepted practice in conducting research, or conducting research with human participants without first obtaining research ethics approval.  It includes failure to follow an agreed protocol if this failure results in unreasonable risk or harm to humans, other vertebrates or the environment, and facilitating misconduct in research by collusion in, or concealment of, such actions by others.  Any plan or conspiracy or attempt to do any of these things is also considered to be research misconduct.  This also includes failure to follow rules and regulations including those of a third party with a legitimate interest in the research of the University.

Everyone has a responsibility to report any incidents of research misconduct, whether witnessed or suspected, using the procedures outlined in the University’s Procedures for Investigation of Research Misconduct. However, the University also has a responsibility to protect people from malicious, vexatious or frivolous accusations.  Appropriate action will be taken in the event that an allegation is found to be malicious, vexatious or frivolous.

Any allegation of research misconduct should be reported confidentially to the Chief Governance Officer at, in the event of a potential conflict of interest or absence, his/her nominated representative appointed by the Chair of Council.  All concerns will be treated sensitively and in the strictest confidence.

Any allegations of fiscal malfeasance or irregularity in relation to research activity should be reported confidentially to the Director of Finance.

The University has established and maintains standard procedures for the investigation of misconduct in research, ensuring that such investigations are thorough, fair and conducted in a timely manner.

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