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Social Work Seminar Series: Applying behavioural insights to social care

Since its creation in 2010 within the Cabinet Office, the Behavioural Insights Team (aka the 'Nudge Unit') has specialised in applying behavioural insights to a range of public policy challenges and government services.

Rhys Campbell (1)We have increased tax compliance by making small changes to letters, reduced prescribing errors by redesigning forms, and even reduced burn-out among front-line workers through light-touch support interventions. Given the demands on the social care system and challenges service providers face, behaviorual insights has the potential to bring new innovative approaches to tackling these issues. The purpose of this talk is to provide a brief overview of what we mean by behavioural insights, outline the work BIT have done to improve social care in the UK, and explore how we might use these insights to drive further improvements in the future.

The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) is a social purpose company part owned by the Cabinet Office, specialising in applied behavioural science. We draw on a combination of psychology, economics and social sciences to understand how people behave in certain contexts to inform policy and improve public services.

Rhys Campbell is a Senior Advisor on Local Government in the Behavioural Insights Team. He has a Masters in Behavioural Science from LSE, and prior to joining BIT has worked in the UK Department for Education and Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance in Melbourne, working in a number of policy and strategy roles.

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