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Dr. Yohai Hakak and Joe Hanley promoted in Social Work

Joe and Yohai promotions

We are very pleased to announce that Joe Hanley has been promoted from Associate Lecturer (Education) to Lecturer (Education) and Dr. Yohai Hakak has also been promoted from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer. 

Dr. Hakak's work is notable for his outreach to many different groups including professional social workers, service users, and others. He has produced films and has an ongoing interest in technology.  His scholarly work addresses Muslim parenting, religion and psychology, and other creative initiatives.  He provides ongoing support to our division in many key areas such as admissions.

Joe Hanley has led the division in moving us forward into new areas of technology use and innovative content areas such as social work and comedy. He is establishing himself in the social work community at large and offers support to placement partners and placements generally. As further evidence of his commitment, he is working on his EdD.

The  Social Work Division is proud of their accomplishments and promotions.