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Social Work Research Seminar: dissertations on show

Please join us for a special event on Monday, 12 November, in which we will showcase the dissertations of two of our recent graduates.

Joelia Namaganda, alumna of the MA in Social Work course, now in practice at Buckinghamshire County Council, will be presenting her research findings on the transition journeys of former unaccompanied asylum-seeking children into independent living in the UK. She will be explaining the background to her research interest in this area, her research design and implementation, her findings and implications for social work practice.

Iwona Wieprzkowicz completed the programme about a year ago and have been employed since November 2017 by Essex County Council in Basildon. Her presentation will focus on the experience and perception related to the phenomenon of loneliness from the perspective of older Polish people (aged  60 and above) who live in East London. She will present a concept of loneliness described in this research as a common and universal phenomenon, conceptualised as a subjective experience of a small sample of 10 participants. Furthermore, she will attempt to explain why it is not easy to admit that we have some experience with loneliness and highlight the seriousness of this social problem, which applies to the population in London, voted in 2013 as the most lonely capital city. In her presentation, she will refer to her qualitative study aimed to develop a greater understanding of this phenomenon by exploring the cultural, social and economic factors related to the participants’ experiences. This will include information related to coping strategies with loneliness, initiatives to reduce loneliness, raising awareness of this global problem and identifying potential need for an intervention.


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