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What can the social work profession learn from the pandemic?

students in facemask in front of the Brunel Student Centre

The realisation that we all work better and more efficiently when we work together is an essential lesson to be taken from these challenging times.

The collective, rather an individualistic approach, is the way forward in social work. Only when we truly work together, as a team and as a community, can we achieve our goals and avoid risking leaving people behind - the most vulnerable people who look up to us and rely on our help. We, as social workers and aspiring social workers must also use our voices to defend the importance of the profession. We must continue speaking up for ourselves and those we care dearly about”. These lines are part of a new article by Natalia Phillips, a Brunel 1st year MA Social Work student, that was just published in the Professional Social Work Magazine and is discussing the implications of Covid-19 for the present and future of social work. The magazine is published by the British Association of Social Workers and enjoys wide readership. 

Read Natalie's article here.


Reported by:

Dr. Yohai Hakak