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Brunel University London Social Work and Palliative Care

Palliative Care Social Work Conference

Brunel University London Social Work held a leadership role at the 10th Annual Palliative Care Social Work Conference, Transdisciplinary Teams: Transforming Care Together, held in Denver, Colorado on 13 April 2018. 

Professor Holly Nelson-Becker was invited to give the keynote lecture titled, Working across boundaries: Creating effective transdisciplinary pathways for compassionate care. Her lecture focused on her prior research and leadership in the Coleman Interdisciplinary Palliative Medicine Training program in Chicago, IL led by palliative care physicians, S. Levine and S. O’Mahony. 

She discussed methods for building competency within and across disciplinary collaborations in palliative care as well as identifying current challenges. Alongside this she also proposed several strategies for improving team functions in this interactive presentation. The audience was interdisciplinary, featuring social workers, nurses, art and recreational therapists, pharmacy, MDs, and students.