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Cosmic Atlas

Cosmic Atlas is an interactive, educational website about astronomy.

"Cosmic Atlas was made to share my personal passion for astronomy, so I hope you’re just as enthralled by its content as I am" - Alex

It’s a reference book of time and space, but one where the information is wrapped in a website for you to explore at your leisure.

The Timeline of Everything details the history, and future, of our universe. Hover over any event to learn more: from the Big Bang, to the launch of Apollo 11, to the far future of Earth. The Map of the Solar System features each of the planets around our Sun—full-height info panels can tell you all about our cosmic neighbours. And on the Discover in Depth page you can find articles about some of astronomy’s most interesting topics.

Cosmic Atlas is written from the ground up in HTML, CSS, and jQuery. jQuery, a JavaScript library triggers the interactive pieces. CSS animations add movement and life to pages.

Find it online at