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Exploring the accessibility of black hair care products and hairstylists

For her final year project Temiloluwa created an app that helps black women and men with afro hair find hairstylists, barbers and stores in their area. This app caters to their needs allowing them to search for hairstyles such as braids, faux locs and cornrows which cannot be done in most mainstream hair salons. The app also gives hairstylists and hair shops a chance to market themselves and drive business. One of the aims with my app was to promote hair positivity and help women and men find confidence in their hair maintenance. She took my project further by creating a 360-marketing campaign which included posters and a 10 second advert.

"Just over 3 years ago this course sparked my interest because of the variety of creative projects I would be able to work on. I have developed a more in depth appreciation for design and my passion has grown. I have been able to use photography, graphic design, video production, 3D design etc. to illustrate my creative ideas. I have taken the lead in different projects including our Degree Show which has shown me how well I work in leadership roles. I am an energetic and determined student who is working towards becoming a Visual Designer or an Art Director in the future" - Temiloluwa


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/temiloluwa-adedoyin/

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