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Aero is a portable air quality monitoring device for those who live in urban areas or suffer from conditions such as Allergic Rhinitis, which causes irritation and allergic reactions to pollutants in the air.


Air pollution has been a constant global concern for the modern world. Many sources of pollution are tied directly to urban environments, causing 80% of urban cities to have levels of air pollution above the healthy limit. A lot of these cities do not collect information or report on outdoor air quality, compromising the public’s awareness of the air pollution around them. Aero aims to resolve this. It is battery powered and portable, allowing it to stay with the user throughout the day and provide information on air quality in the various locations that they visit, such as at home, at work and while commuting.

It continuously monitors key pollutants: volatile chemicals; carbon monoxide; and, most importantly, particulate matter, which is the most harmful pollutant to human health. Using the three pollutants, it creates an averaged reading for the air quality in the immediate area. However, it can also switch modes to monitor specific pollutants. Updating every few moments, the LED ring displays a colour rating from light green to deep red depending on how healthy the quality of the air is. More detailed information is available through the mobile app, such as a rating out of 100 and information on specific pollutants. When in areas of high pollution, Aero will vibrate and pulse to warn the user, while the app can also provide advice on what to do.

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