Institute of Energy Futures

The Institute of Energy Futures has a holistic approach to the energy costs of food distribution, bringing together researchers from a range of disciplines, as well as mainstream engineering research. We have particular strengths in refrigeration, heating and cooling and in environmental design.

Our research on power networks focuses on algorithms for improving distribution efficiency, and strategies for allowing mass power generation to be added to the grid, rather than the technologies of power generation.

In automotive and power-train we have particular strengths in improving the efficiency and reducing energy cost of existing engines using regenerative braking, as well as unique methodologies for the study of fuels and engines: in particular marrying experimental and modelling methods and through the utilisation of advanced optical diagnostics. We have particular interests in developing efficient bio-fuel supply chains, as well as a number of novel technologies for manufacturing biofuel from industrial waste.

We have the 19th largest combined EPSRC and ESRC grant portfolio in this area, and have recently won a prestigious energy centre from the EPSRC.

Algorithms generate answer to complex problem

Algorithms generate answer to complex problem

Generating the right amount of power to meet the varying needs of an entire country is a delicate and demanding task. In the UK, the National Grid is responsible for managing electricity generation and transmission. Its object is to balance, from moment to moment, the electricity produced by dozens of different sources with the demand from homes and industry. Among the factors is it has to take into account are... read more

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