David Harrison



David Harrison has a BSc in Engineering Science and a PhD in Robotics. He worked for six years at the BBC as an engineer, researcher, director and assistant producer, working mainly on the BBC Computer Literacy Project. He lectured in robotics for five years at the University of Portsmouth. In 1992 he held a Royal Society Fellowship in the Parliamentary Office and Science and Technology. He joined Brunel University London as a lecturer in design in 1994.


  • BBC TV 1980-82 Engineer
  • BBC Education 1984-89 Researcher and Director
  • University of Portsmouth 1990-94 Senior Lecturer
  • Brunel University London 1994-2002 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader
  • Brunel University London 2002- Chair in Design
  • Brunel University London 2005, 2008 Subject Leader, Design


Selected Professional Activities

  • NESTA National Invention Strategy Panel (“03)
  • DTI/EPSRC/DEFRA Sustainable Technology Initiative Panel (“01-“04)
  • EPSRC Sustainable Materials Panel (“04)
  • EPSRC/ AHRB “Designing for C21 Century” advisory group (“04)
  • Chair of EPSRC Speculative Engineering Panel (“04)
  • Waste Minimisation Faraday Advisory Panel (“04)
  • Member, EPSRC Public Engagement with Science panel (“05)
  • Advisory Panel, Science Museum, “Dead Ringers” exhibition (“06)
  • EPSRC/AHRC “Designing for C21 Century” panel (“06)
  • Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre, Management Executive and Funding Panel (“05-)
  • EPSRC/AHRC “Science and Heritage” appointment panel for National Research Programme Coordinator (“07)
  • Refereeing for EPSRC College, IEEE Sensors, and Electronics Letters
  • International Scientific Committee, 13th CIRP Conf. On Lifecycle Engineering (“06,”07)

Other Educational Output

  • Contributions to 25 hours of broadcast TV programmes on Information Technology and Computers
  • Interactive Videodisc, Robotics, written for the BBC Interactive Video Unit and the D.T.I., 1989.
  • Active Disassembly display, selected for display at the opening of the Welcome Wing, Science Museum.

Licensed and Granted Patents

Electrical Circuit, PCT/GB97/01572- Dec 1997
Harrison, D., Ramsey, B., Evans, P.
(Three option agreements taken out on this patent for approx. £25,000. Patent assigned, Dec. 2000 for £175, 000)
Granted US Patent, Electrical Circuit, US 6,356,234 B1, March 12th 2002
(Patent assigned March 2007 for 50,000 euros)
Lithographically printed seeding layer, PCT/GB99/04064 - Dec 1999
Ramsey, B, Lochun ,D., Harrison, D., (Patent assigned, March 2000, for £50,000).
(Granted Chinese Patent, 2006).

Metal Oxide Ink
Evans,P., Harrison,D.,
(Patent Assigned June 2004 for £60,000)

Research area(s)


Professor of Design Research. Lecturer in Sustainable Design and Environmentally Sensitive Design, specialising in sustainable design, innovative approaches to electronic manufacturing and printed electronics.


Research interests

David Harrison holds a Chair in Design in the School of Engineering and Design. He is a Chartered Engineer and has been an investigator on nineteen EPSRC grants, eight of these as principal investigator. (http://gow.epsrc.ac.uk/NGBOViewPerson.aspx?PersonId=38911). He has research interests in sustainable design and printed electronics, and is a Member of the IET, and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

He has worked for fifteen years on innovative approaches to electronic manufacturing, and working closely with Dr Peter Evans, he has developed, patented and successfully licensed a number of new manufacturing processes in printed electronics, yielding approximately £300,000 of license income for Brunel. He is a co investigator with the EPSRC Innovative Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre, with particular interests in reducing the environmental impact of electronics manufacturing. He served on the EPSRC/DTI Sustainable Technologies Initiative panel for three years, and was a Member of the EPSRC College of Peers for fourteen years.

David Harrison founded the Cleaner Electronics research group in 1994. Their work on renewable energy has included projects on the design of daylight capture systems, regenerative energy storage systems based on hydrogen fuel cells, and the design of low cost thermoelectric devices. The group has also carried out many research projects in environmentally sensitive design, including the first ecological footprinting of electronic products, and the development of a method for calculating the optimal ecological lifetimes for products, based on analysis of build energy and energy consumption. David Harrison was also a co investigator on two EPSRC projects on the Active Disassembly of products for recycling. He led the second phase of a large Framework 5 project on Active Disassembly, in close partnership with Sony and Nokia, and was a partner on “Paperworks”, a Framework 6 project integrating the digital world with paper.

One current project is the  EPSRC/TSB Empower project, being carried out with More Associates and Warwick Manufacturing Group, which has the aim to integrate creative, empathic user-centred design techniques with genuinely novel product design innovation, to reduce energy use in commercial buildings. This has developed out of a PhD project in which Daniel Lockton developed the “Design with Intent” method, a suggestion tool offering guidance to designers in choosing design techniques to encourage more sustainable behaviour.

Two current EngD projects with Buro Happold Consulting Engineers are:

Lifecycle impacts of novel retrofit technologies incorporating translucent silica aerogel – with Mark Dowson. The aim is to design, build and characterise a new retrofitable building product which reduces the energy use of buildings.

The influence of user interface design on energy consumption in UK residential buildings –with Nicola Combe. A project investigating tools and methods to support sustainable and inclusive aspects of building design.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

  • 1989-92 Co-investigator , SERC grant, \"New Techniques in the control of advanced production machinery\" £120,000.
  • 1992-94 Co-investigator , SERC grant, \"A Process Model for Project Management\" £150,000.
  • 1992 Principal Investigator ,travel grant. SERC £4,920.
  • 1994 Academic Contact , EU, \"Teleman Projects\" 20,00 ECU.
  • 1994 Co-investigator , EPSRC grant “A Framework for Simulation of Concurrent Engineering”, £200,000.
  • 1995 Principal Investigator , “Novel Techniques in the Manufacture of Electronic Products”. Brunel University London Enterprise Fund, £10,000.
  • 1995-97 Principal Investigator , EPSRC grant, “A novel circuit fabrication process\" £70,000.
  • 1996-97 Co-invest., EPSRC \"Eco design for disassembly\" £35,000.
  • 1997 Principal Investigator , Brunel Research Committee QR Grant, “Circuit fabrication using Conductive Lithographic Films”, £17,500.
  • 1997-99 Principal Investigator , EPSRC grant, “Low Cost circuit fabrication using conductive lithographic films” £210,000.
  • 1998-99 Principal Investigator, EPSRC grant, “Vias and embedded resistor formation in low cost substrates” £10,000.
  • 1998-00 Principal Investigator, EPSRC grant, “An initial investigation into low cost assembly and packaging of polymer light emitting displays\" £86,000.
  • 1998-00 Principal Investigator, EPSRC grant “Frameworks for the Management of Step-Change Environmental Design” £120,000.
  • 1998-01 Co Investigator, EPSRC grant, “Lithographic construction of multi layer devices and circuits using powder filled inks” £100,000
  • 1998-00 Co Investigator, EPSRC grant “Design principles for active disassembly” £85,000.
  • 2000-04 Academic Contact , EU Fifth Framework grant, \"Active Disassembly with Smart Materials\" (PI for last year of contract ). £1.6 million
  • 2001-02 Principal Investigator, EPSRC grant , \"Lithographic printing of sensor structures\" £60,000
  • 2001-04 Co Investigator, EPSRC, \"Prototyping Futures Research Institute\" £75,000
  • 2002-03 Principal Investigator, Nokia , “Printed Circuits ” £20,000
  • 2002-03 P. Inv., Anson Fund, “Designing out Medical Error” £14,000
  • 2002-03 P. Inv., Prime Faraday/DTI, “Printed Vias for Circuits” £5000
  • 2003-05 C.Inv, EPSRC, “Thermoelectric structures” £120,000
  • 2004-09 C.Inv, EPSRC, Electronics Manufacturing Research Centre, £5M
  • 2005-09 P.Inv. EPSRC IEMRC Travel grant, £10,000
  • 2005-06 C.Inv, EPSRC, IEMRC, “Thermocouple fabrication”, £30,000
  • 2005-06 C.Inv, EPSRC, IEMRC, “Printed Batteries”, £52,000
  • 2005-08 P.Inv., EU STREP “Paperworks”, £140,000
  • 2005 P.Inv., DTI “Active Disassembly”, (offered by DTI, but withdrawn following failure of industrialists to sign contract) £120,000
  • 2007 P.Inv. Design for Disassembly (DTI Feasibility study, follows on from above) £4,000
  • 2006-08 P.Inv., EPSRC, “DNA traps on Cartridges” £134,000
  • 2006-07 C.Inv., EPSRC, IEMRC, “Microcontact Printing”, £52,000
  • 2006-08 C Inv, EPSRC, IEMRC, “Integrated lithographically printed electronics”£100,000
  • 2006-07 C Inv. EPSRC, IEMRC, “Vacuum deposition and laser patterning of thin films” £30,000
  • 2007-10 EPSRC DTA from 3DMintegration Grand Challenge project, £45,000

HEIF and Commerical Funding

  • 2003 Universities Challenge Fund for company start up £150,000
  • 2004 DTI SMART AWARD £75,000
  • 2004 HEIF2, Design and Manufacture network £60,000
  • 2005 HEIF2, Design and Manufacture network £60,000
  • 2006 HEIF3 Display Prototypes £54,000



David Harrison teaches the Sustainable Design module on the MSc in Integrated Product Design, and a third year undergraduate  module called  Environmentally Sensitive Design.

Selected Publications

Journal articles

Harrison, DJ. , Xu, Y.  and Zhang, R.   (2016)   'Experimental Design to Optimise Electrical Performance of Strip Supercapacitors'. International Journal of Electrochemical Science,, 11 ((1)).  pp. pp.675 - 684. Download publication 

Zhang, R. , Xu, Y. , Harrison, D. , Fyson, J.  and Southee, D.   (2016)   'A study of the electrochemical performance of strip supercapacitors under bending conditions'. International Journal of Electrochemical Science, 11 (9).  pp. 7922 - 7933. doi: 10.20964/2016.09.59 Download publication 

Samano, A. , Xu, Y. , Harrison, D. , Hunt, C. , et al.   (2016)   'Impedance and resistance of carbon ink during cure'. Circuit World, 42 (3).  pp. 117 - 126. doi: 10.1108/CW-07-2015-0036 Download publication 

Emili, S. , Ceschin, F.  and Harrison, D.   (2016)   'Product-Service System applied to Distributed Renewable Energy. A classification system, 15 archetypal models and a strategic design tool'. Energy for Sustainable Development: the journal of the international energy initiative, 32 pp. 71 - 98. doi: 10.1016/j.esd.2016.03.004 Download publication 

Zhang, R. , Xu, Y. , Harrison, D. , Fyson, J. , et al.   (2015)   'Fabrication and characterization of smart fabric using energy storage fibres'. Systems Science & Control Engineering, 3 (1).  pp. 391 - 396. doi: 10.1080/21642583.2015.1049717 Download publication 

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