Joana Vassilopoulou


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Senior Lecturer in HRM and HRM & Employment Relations Programme Lead and CIPD Representative

Room: Eastern Gateway, Room 208


Tel: 01895 268690

Research area(s)

Dr Vassilopoulou's research focuses on race and gender equality at work, highly skilled migrants, diversity management and talent management, from a critical and international comparative perspective. 




MG2063 Critical perspectives in Management

MG3018 Gender in Organisations 

MBA Business Project Tutor


Selected Publications

Journal articles

Tatli, A. , Vassilopoulou, J. , Ozbilgin, M. , Forson, C.  and Slutskaya, N.   (2014)   'A Bourdieuan Relational Perspective for Entrepreneurship Research'. JOURNAL OF SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, 52 (4).  pp. 615 - 632. doi: 10.1111/jsbm.12122 

Al Ariss, A. , Vassilopoulou, J. , Özbilgin, MF.  and Game, A.   (2013)   'Understanding career experiences of skilled minority ethnic workers in France and Germany'. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24 (6).  pp. 1236 - 1256. doi: 10.1080/09585192.2012.709190 

Tatli, A. , Vassilopoulou, J.  and Oezbilgin, M.   (2013)   'An unrequited affinity between talent shortages and untapped female potential: The relevance of gender quotas for talent management in high growth potential economies of the Asia Pacific region'. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, 22 (3).  pp. 539 - 553. doi: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2012.07.005 

Tatli, A. , Vassilopoulou, J. , Al Ariss, A.  and Ozbilgin, M.   (2012)   'The role of regulatory and temporal context in the construction of diversity discourses: The case of the UK, France and Germany'. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 18 (4).  pp. 293 - 308. doi: 10.1177/0959680112461092 

Vassilopoulou, J.   (Accepted)   'Gender & Diversity Changes Organizations'. Femina Politica: Zeitschrift fuer feministische Politik-Wissenschaft

Book chapters

Vassilopoulou, J. (Accepted)   'Diversity management as window dressing. A case study from Germany', in Ozbilgin, M.  and Chanlat, JF. (eds.) Management and diversity: main issues and challenges.  Emerald 

Vassilopoulou, J. , Samaluk, B.  and Seierstad, C.  (2014)   'Balancing inflows and outflows: case study from Europe', in Ozbilgin, M.  and Groutsis, D. (eds.) International human resource management.  Cambridge University Press 

Vassilopoulou, J. , Ozbilgin, M. , Tatli, A. , Pinnington, A.  and Alshamsi, A.  (2016)   'Identifying Effective Talent Management Policies and Practices in the United Arabic Emirates', in Christiansen, B.  and Erdogdu, M. (eds.) Comparative Economic Perspectives on Europe and the MENA Region.  IGI Global: Hershey, PA 

Vassilopoulou, J. , Da Rocha, JP. , Kyriakidou, O. , April, K.  and Ozbilgin, M.  (2016)   'Does the on-going global economic crisis put diversity gains at risk? International examples from the USA, South Africa and Greece', in Prescott, J. (ed.) Handbook of Research on Race, Gender, and the Fight for Equality.  IGI Global: Hershey, PA 

Ozbilgin, M. , Jonsen, K. , Tatli, A. , Vassilopoulou, J.  and Surgevil, O.  (2013)   'Global diversity management', in Roberson, QM. (ed.) The Oxford handbook of diversity and work.  Oxford University Press 

Al Ariss, A. , Vassilopoulou, J. , Groutsis, D.  and Ozbilgin, M.  (2012)   'A Multilevel Understanding of the Careers of Minority Ethnic Elites', in Kakabadse, A.  and Kakabadse, N. (eds.) Global Elites: The Opaque nature of Transnational Policy Determination.  Basingstoke Palgrave 

Ozbilgin, M.  and Vassilopoulou, J.  (2012)   'Relational methods in organization studies', in Dariusz, J. (ed.) Podręcznik Akademicki. Tom I: Podejścia, Teorie, Problemy.  Warszawa PWN 

Vassilopoulou, J.  and Merx, A.  (2007)   'The AGG from an employment law perspective', in Bruchhagen, V. , Koall, I.  and Hoher, F. (eds.) Diversity Outlooks – Managing Diversity between Business Case and Ethics.  LIT-Verlag 

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