Paul Moody


Paul started working for the Sociology and Communications department in August 2014 as a Lecturer in Film Practice. He convenes all of the department's practical filmmaking modules, which cover both fiction and non-fiction filmmaking.

Research area(s)

  • Pre-1945 British Cinema
  • Contemporary British Film Policy
  • Silent cinema
  • Amateur Film
  • Experimental Film
  • Interactive Documentaries


Research project(s) and grant(s)

Paul Moody’s research interests cover early British cinema, national identity, the horror film, amatuer filmmaking and contemporary British film policy. He is currently working on "Make Your Own Screen Heritage", a project funded by Film London which investigates amateur filmmaking in the city’s outer boroughs, and will produce a new short film about the area’s heritage for the London Screen Archives.’

Paul is willing to supervise PhD students in the following areas:

  • Pre-1945 British Cinema
  • Contemporary British Film Policy
  • Silent cinema
  • Amateur Film
  • Experimental Film
  • Interactive Documentaries



Paul is the Undergraduate Module convenor for:

Film Production: Introduction to Documentary (Yr 1)
Film Production: Advanced Documentary (Yr 2)
Film Production: Fiction Film (Yr3)


Paul is also supervising the two following PhD projects:

Daniel Bell - ‘The British Gentleman in Disguise: Doubles and Doppelgängers in British Cinema'

Iram Qureshi - ‘Wendy Toye and the British Film Industry, 1953-1962’.


Selected Publications

Journal articles

Moody, P.   (2017)   'US Embassy Support for Hollywood’s Global Dominance: Cultural Imperialism Redux'. International Journal of Communication, 11 pp. 2912 - 2925. Download publication 

Moody, P.   (2017)   ''An Amuse-Bouche at Best': 360 Degree VR Storytelling in Full Perspective'. International Journal of e-Politics, 8 (3).  pp. 42 - 50. doi: 10.4018/IJEP.2017070104 Download publication 

Moody, P.   (2017)   'Embassy cinema: What WikiLeaks reveals about US state support for Hollywood'. Media Culture and Society, 39 (7).  pp. 1063 - 1077. doi: 10.1177/0163443716686673 Download publication 

Moody, P.   (Accepted)   'The UK Film Council and the 'Cultural Diversity' Agenda'. Journal of British Cinema and TelevisionDownload publication 

Moody, P.   (2017)   'Cronenberg’s Debt to Kafka: An Analysis of A Country Doctor (1917) and Videodrome (1983)'. Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance, 9 (3).  Download publication 

Book chapters

Moody, P.  (2016)   'For Those in Peril: Film4 and the Threat of Privatisation', in Mair, J. , Chesterton, F. , Lloyd, D.  and Tait, R. (eds.) What Price Channel 4?.  Abramis 

Moody, P.  (2016)   'British Rural Landscapes in Pre-Second World War Film Publicity', in Newland, P. (ed.) British Rural Landscapes on Film.  Manchester University Press Download publication 

Moody, P.  (2011)   '“Improper practices” in Great War British cinemas', in Hammond, M.  and Williams, M. (eds.) British silent cinema and the Great War.  Palgrave Macmillan 

Moody, P.  (2007)   'The Use and Promotion of Shocking Events/Images in Early Silent British Cinema', in Goodall, M.  and Good, J. (eds.) Crash Cinema: Representation in Film.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing pp. . 

Moody, P.  (2007)   'The Marketing of Landscapes in Silent British Cinema', in Porter, L.  and Dixon, B. (eds.) Picture perfect.  University of Exeter Press pp. . 

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