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How to make the most of student perks

Posted: February 17 2022

Just moved to university but don’t know what apps exist to help you save money as a student? Well, no worries because you’re in the right place! 

Starting a new journey possibly away from your home or having to fully support yourself as a university student for the first time can be very expensive and challenging especially when trying to save up and still wanting to allow yourself from time to time an extra expense. You go out and may save up with groceries, but say you want to buy yourself clothes, shoes, make-up, skincare, and any other necessity you may have how can you save up on them? Did you know that there is more than one app and way to save yourself some coins? Yes, you read that right, there’s actually more than one app and way and I’m going to share with you 3 main apps fundamental for students.

I must admit that as an international student myself I wasn’t aware of them at all, so instead of saving 50% or 70% on huge purchases, I was just paying full price, until I found about them through friends.

Students enjoying themselves at a restaurant in Uxbridge

The first app I found out about and the most recognized in the UK is UNiDAYS: an application with updated discounts, free to join and use throughout your whole academic journey as it’s part of their policy in verifying the student status by asking when will your course end. You can find 800 brands from Asos, PLT, Nike, Adidas, Apple, O2, SKY, Canon, and many more! The process is the same for the majority of student discount applications: you just sign in with your personal email, follow the instructions asked and start using your discounts codes!

Students walking up the high street in Uxbridge

Secondly, we have Student Beans: an application with over 10,000 discounts to use immediately, free to use and to sign in with your Brunel email to verify your student status, through which not only you’ll find brand discounts such as: Benefit cosmetics, Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, and Gymshark, you also can get six free trial months of Amazon Prime and after the trial, you’ll only pay £3.99.

Browsing mobile for discounts

Lastly, there is Save the Student: an application born to mainly make students aware of their expenses and economic responsibilities they have as university students, its free to download both for Apple and Android users and free to use. It offers financial tips on how to save money, job suggestions, how to manage banking as well as discounts and special deals from student SIMs to free Gregg’s breakfast or Prệt coffees, Asos vouchers and many more!

There are also loyalty cards that you can get for free from beauty and haircare shops that save you up a lot with each purchase as you add points to your card which then become discounts. You can find this option at Boots, Superdrug. Bodyshop, H&M.

It can be hard to manage money as a student but apps and points cards definitely do save up a lot of additional expenses to your pocket.