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Free and/or affordable sports opportunities at university

Posted: September 29 2022

Vicky Lee, Occupational Therapy

Are you interested in sports? If so, you won’t miss it here at Brunel! 

Join a Team Brunel club via Sports Federation Membership

There is a multitude of student sports clubs at Brunel, ranging from individual sports such as Judo and Kayaking to team sports including Hockey and Rugby. By purchasing a Sports Federation membership at £32.50/year, you can join any sports clubs (as many as you like) at the University. You can also have access to all Active@Brunel non-competitive team sports and classes for FREE.

Access to fitness facilities

While visiting our Sports Centre on campus or the Sports Park nearby, you can show your student ID to get discounted prices for a wide range of casual sports activities. What’s more, you can join the Brunel Gym in our Sports Centre at a low membership fee.

Great opportunity to enhance sports skills

If you are competitive in nature and want to improve your ability in your sport of interest, the Sports Performance Programme may be suitable for you. It is a programme of coaching, support services and facilities access designed to assist current Brunel students who are willing to develop their skills, fitness and performance levels in Athletics, Netball, Football, Futsal, Basketball, Rugby Union, American Football or Lacrosse. To be eligible to join a Brunel Sports Performance Programme, the athletes must be students who are currently registered at Brunel University and current members of the associated Brunel Student Union sports club.

What are you still waiting for? Unleash your potential here at Brunel!