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8 reasons to join a sports club at university

Posted: February 14 2019

Check out these 8 reasons why you should join at least one of the 50 sports clubs Brunel offers!

1. Exercise: whether you’ve played sports since you were a kid and got involved in them professionally or you’ve never been a sporty person, joining a sports club at university can help you get in shape in a fun and exciting way!

2. Get involved with the university: getting involved with clubs will make you feel like you’re really part of the university! From representing Brunel at other universities when playing away to supporting your club at Varsity – the biggest sporting event at Brunel -, you will feel part of a big community.

3. Make friends: it is so easy to make friends while playing sports and it is a great opportunity to meet people outside of your course! Who knows, you might even meet your future housemates and best friends!

4. An excuse to dress up and party: every week, or every other week, the members of the clubs meet under the form of ‘socials’ and take the opportunity to dress up and hit the local nightclub! Think togas, cowboys, animals or even gladiators!

5. An escape from the coursework stress: let’s face it, you came to university to get a degree and that can be stressful sometimes. Taking some hours per week to get away from all of that and enjoy some exercising and socialising can do wonders! Specialists say exercising can decrease anxiety and increase attentiveness, just what you need for those dreadful deadlines...

6. Improve your CV: by joining a sports club and maybe its committee, later on, you’ll gain transferable skills useful for the future, such as knowing how to work in a team and time-management!

7. Opportunity to try new things and have fun: maybe you’ve played the same sport for a few years and want to give something different a go, or you’ve never been into sports but want to change that... There are sports clubs for everyone, from the usually time-consuming ones like football or rugby to the plain fun ones like tag rugby!

8. Competition: if you’re into the competition part of it, a lot of the clubs compete in BUCS, the British Universities and Colleges Sport league, making it a great opportunity to confront other universities in the country.

There you go, 8 reasons why you should join a sports club during your time at university!