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The life of an Oil and Gas Engineering student- Introduction

Posted: January 14 2020

Hi readers, my name is Nokhaiz Sabir and I am just another young person trying to get my life together. I am currently doing my Master degree from Brunel University in Oil and Gas Engineering. Since my degree is sponsored by “The Welding Institute" which is based in Cambridge, most of my life is in Cambridge which was a bit daunting for me in the beginning. However, after spending a lot of time here and experiencing this journey, I find Cambridge to be a lot more lovable than I anticipated. 

Nokhaiz Sabir TWI

Brunel University has partnered with TWI to provide this great opportunity for young learners to further enhance on their studies. I did not want to miss out on this opportunity coming my way, so I decided to move to Cambridge for my Master degree. Not being from England and having to move from my home country, which is Pakistan, was a great challenge on its own. The team at Brunel can take the credit for making my journey smoother and putting me at ease. My theme administrator was in constant contact with me through my application process and helped me on every step of the application. Having applied to numerous universities all across the United Kingdom, I can proudly say that Brunel was the best choice I made given the supportive approach and a great range of financial support they provide to the new and existing students.

The teams at Brunel and TWI make you feel like you are not away from home which is why I was able to settle in a new city so well. One reason for this could be the vast diversity among the students and Brunel provides equal opportunities to students from all different backgrounds. Students enjoy the ease of representing their culture through various societies on campus and this provides a great opportunity for them to learn the art of co-existence. Since my bachelor degree was also in engineering, I had very high hopes for learning further and having practical approach to the engineering world. The state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories at TWI are one of best in the world and live up to all of my expectations. The amount of knowledge this place has to offer gets me very excited about the journey that I have embarked upon.

Nokhaiz Sabir

Although my journey with Brunel has just begun, I am enjoying every step of this. I am highly thankful to Brunel University for recognising my abilities and providing me the right platform to achieve further. I never thought I was capable of managing to live in a city like Cambridge, but this experience makes me learn something new everyday and teaches me so much more about life. It is such a great experience for any young person who has never lived on their own. I do hope that by the end of this experience I will learn to be a much better version of myself and achieve my goals as a young professional.

TWI building
TWI aeroplane
Nokhaiz Sabir on laptop