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Top 10 questions to ask on Open Day

Posted: March 28 2019

Keturah, Biomedical Sciences
Keturah, Biomedical Sciences

Leading up to Brunel's upcoming Open Day, it’s time to start considering questions to ask so you can make an informed decision when weighing up your options.

Here are my 10 questions you could ask on Open Day:

1. What does the course have to offer career wise and post-graduation?

Your degree should act as a stepping stone towards your final career destination. Be sure to ask about career or postgraduate options.

2. How is Brunel more beneficial to me than other universities regarding my course?

Ask current students studying the course what they like about it and why they chose Brunel. 

3. What is the structure of the course?

What will my timetable be like? How is the course split between examinations and coursework? How many hours per week will I need to dedicate to reading? All these questions and more are important in gauging whether a course is right for you. 

4. Does Brunel University offer extracurricular activities except for sport – do they clash with studies?

You could learn a language for free, take a pottery making class or join one of the 100 different societies on offer.

5. What is the average student satisfaction?

You can look up student satisfaction online but while you're here why not ask a current student for yourself?

6. What facilities does Brunel offer on campus?

Whether you're going to be living on or off campus, it's important to know what facilities are available to students.

7. What are the opening/closing times of the facilities?

Following on from question 6 find out the opening and closing times of the facilities. Is the library open 24 hours? What time does the gym open in the morning? 

8. What variety of study spaces are available?

Think about how you like to study. Are there private study and group study areas on campus? Be sure to go on a campus tour and check out all the study spaces along the way. 

9. What shops are on campus and are there grocery shops and clothing shops near the University?

Don't forget to ask about food and shopping! Where can you grab lunch on campus or do your weekly shop? What is the nearest town like for shopping and is it easy to get there and back? 

10. What is the social life like and what do I need to know about it?

Social life is an important part of university, and definitely shouldn't be overlooked whilst at Open Day. Ask current students about their university experiences in and around campus.

This is just my list, so think about the questions you'd want to be answered at Open Day and don't be shy!