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13 signs you're a true Brunelian

Posted: March 28 2019

Sophie, Business and Management
Sophie, Business and Management

From statue selfies to Subway sandwiches, there are a few things only a student of Brunel University London (or Brunelian!) will truly understand. 

Here are 13 signs that prove you are a true Brunelian, if you are a fresher still adjusting to life at Brunel or alumni that can still recount the memories below:

#1 You get irritated when people mispronounce ‘Brunel’ or don’t know who he is

Paddington station; Great Western Railway; Thames Tunnel; Clifton Suspension Bridge; Maidenhead Railway Bridge – you must have heard of one of these! (BTW it’s pronounced ‘Brew-nell’, not ‘brun-nul’).

#2 All you can see is the entire campus covered in posters and flyers for election week

Question time

We have a lot of passionate students that want to represent their society or the union.

#3 You think that walking to the Isambard Complex is the same as walking the whole length of the river Thames

When you’re going to your friends flat in Isambard suddenly you feel like you are going to the other side of the world. 

#4 You do your shopping in CostCutter because the 10 minute away Lidl is too far


It may be more expensive but as we already discussed in the previous point, 10 minutes is too long!

#5 You get mad that people think we are in Bristol and you have to convince them that we are actually in London

We know the two names sound similar but come on, London is in the University’s name – Brunel University London!

#6 Varsity takes over the University

Team Brunel

One day a year the whole university becomes infatuated over who is going to come out victorious.

#7 You eat at Subway almost every day, because having our own Subway on campus is amazing!


Having our own Subway right on campus is amazing for two reasons: 1 – it is probably the number one place everyone goes to for food; 2 – we have our very own Subway on campus!

#8 Everybody goes to the Quad when the sun is shining

Brunel quad

When the sun shines there is only one place you go – the Quad. Music plays, people sunbathe, play sports, eat food, revise or just hang out with friends.

#9 At some point during your time at the university, you will take a picture with the Brunel statue

Brunel statue

It’s become a bit of a tradition for students to take a picture with the Brunel statue when they finish their dissertation, or any point during the year you will see guests, staff and students just take a picture with Brunel!

#10 Tuesday night is Karaoke night (we don’t judge)

Everyone at Brunel knows that Tuesday night is the time to head over to Locos with your friends and sing your heart out to your favourite tunes – all abilities welcome. 

#11 Wednesday night is Liquid (which makes Thursday morning lectures more interesting)

 If Tuesday night is karaoke night then Wednesday night is Liquid! You will either see students in normal clothes or dressed in some sort of theme like zombies or toga. 

#12 You will try and cram 100 people into your 10 person flat

You invite your friends round to your flat for a get together but somewhere along the way word gets out and all of a sudden you’ve got a million people in your kitchen. 

#13 You feel part of a Brunel family

Brunel statue

As a single campus uni, everyone feels as though we have our own Brunel community.