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Student Discounts

Posted: January 31 2023

Vicky Lee, Occupational Therapy

Wanna save money? Student discount is definitely one of your best friends!

About Student Discount

Like other regions across the globe, students in the UK are able to enjoy the discounts while purchasing a product or service. Recognizing that students tend to have less money whilst studying, companies often offer discounts to students studying at school, college or university. Discounts for students include a percentage off the total price, as well as other offers, such as free trials, buy-one-get-one-free, etc.

Cash notes

How to get more Student Discounts?

  • Always have your student card with you
  • Don’t forget to ask every time before buying something
  • Remember to check if there is a discount for students while doing online shopping
  • Sign up on Student Discount websites, such as UNiDAYS

Act now to make good use of the student privilege!!!

Students sitting in campus restaurant