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Brunel on film screening

Posted: November 19 2020

movie night at Brunel University

If you are passionate about films then you should know Brunel has a film society aiming to give students, the chance to watch and discuss movies together in a friendly and welcoming environment. With a drink and a nice chat after each screening or event, you can relax from tight study schedules and enjoy a movie night.

Throughout Freshers' Week we have been showcasing some of the most popular SF movies. We were lucky to have a beautiful weather still very much present, and it was well worth spending as much as time as possible outside Lecture Centre in the quad. Watching a SF on the giant screen, with some salt & sweet popcorn, a blanket, some friends it is a perfect way to spend the evening on campus.

Brunel outdoors
movie on screen


The storyline follows a group of teenagers who come across Jumanji— a magical bard game now transformed into a video game. They are trapped in the game as a set of avatars and need to complete different quests in order to get out of the virtual world.

Available to watch on Amazon and iTunes

movie scene

The Martian

The film is about an astronaut's (Matt Damon) struggle to survive on Mars after being left behind and considered being dead by his team. The story highlights the efforts of others to rescue him and bring him home to Earth.

Clockwork Orange movie location at Brunel University

A Clockwork Orange- Set in a dismal dystopian England, it is the first-person account of a juvenile delinquent who undergoes state-sponsored psychological rehabilitation for his aberrant behaviour. We are proud to have filmed the movie in the Lecture centre and John Crank building prior to its demolition used at the location for the ‘Ludovico reception’ in Kubrick’s film-famous brutalist building. Released in 1971 the film starred Malcolm McDowell as sociopath Alex, with the university's famous lecture centre featuring as the heart of the government hospital where the infamous Ludovico technique is administered.

Available on Netflix

With weekly film screenings of movies both old and new there should be something for everyone. So, if you are joining Brunel next year, add a new experience to your university bucket list- make sure you enjoy a night performance in the open air! Or join a film society to chat and debate about cult famous movies.