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Why choose Brunel for your degree?

Posted: March 15 2022

Bahaa Abdul Ghani, Mechanical Engineering
Bahaa Abdul Ghani, Mechanical Engineering

Choosing a suitable university after finishing high school is one of the most crucial decisions you can make.

There are many factors that can help you make the right choice. Here are some great reasons to choose Brunel.


Brunel University London is one of the very few universities in London to have a single-site campus. It offers a beautiful campus that includes a pond, green spaces, accommodation, library, night-club, bar, restaurants, pharmacy, and supermarket. Basically, you can live on campus the whole term without going out of the campus. It gives a homely feeling, especially to international students.

Aerial view of Brunel University London


Not only is it near Heathrow Airport, which is convenient for international students arriving in the UK, it is also near Uxbridge town centre which has shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Social life

There are so many ways to get involved at university and make new friends. Brunel has over 100 student societies, regular events, and social gatherings.


Brunel has an award-winning Professional Development Centre. It was one of the first universities in the UK to help students secure placements, summer internships, and even work after graduation. It is very simple for students to book appointments with professional careers advisors, who can help them with their CVs and offer great advice for future decision-making.

Uxbridge town with Brunel University students


Brunel has a huge range of different sports facilities. If students are interested it offers indoor facilities that include squash, netball, futsal, running track, also a gym. Furthermore, for outdoor sports, there are many pitches for soccer, badminton and a running track as well.


There are different types of on-campus accommodation. For instance, there is a range of options from shared-bathroom accommodation, en suite rooms, studios to one-bedroom flats. There is something for all budgets.


Brunel is very diverse. It was named amongst the world’s ‘most international' universities in the QS World University Rankings and has over 8,000 international students. Brunel has students from over 150 counties which allows students to meet new people, engage with them, and learn about their culture, language, and skill set. Diversity makes it easy for international students to fit in.

University Brunel students playing football on campus


Brunel offers a £6,000 scholarship to international students who exhibit excellent academic merit and professional experience. There are 60 scholarships available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. The scholarship solely covers the course tuition expenses for the first year.


Being at a university in London is different from anywhere else in the world. It is not just about the location, it is also about the experience you will gain. London will show you how diverse types of ethnic groups live together in peace, and all of them follow the rules of the city.