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The 2017/18 Timetable is available for viewing here***: Teaching timetable 2017/8

Staff - please note that you can check room bookings by logging into the Timetable and selecting “Rooms” from the lefthand menu.  Do ensure you also select the relevant room(s), week and time of day.

We suggest you add Teaching timetable 2017/8  to your favourites rather than printing or taking a static photo.

 Currently, our team is building the 2018/9 teaching timetable as well as handling various queries from students, staff and those wishing to book rooms.  The response time for answering email queries is approx 5 working days.  Please do not send chaser emails as this simply adds to the many messages received and increases the response time for everyone. 

Meanwhile, please check the details below, since this should help with common concerns:


Should your email relate to an urgent issue, ensure your message has a subject indicating the date required (eg “Room booking - Open Day 7-8 Sept” or “Lecture cancellation - Tuesday 12 Sept”) so that we can identify it quickly. If necessary forward your message again, with an updated subject line, to indicate the date the activity is taking place.


Click 2017-18 Timetable to view this year’s teaching timetable, or see the right hand list to see the Timetabling Policy or to find other guidance regarding timetables and timetable access.

If you are a student looking for information on your course, please contact your department’s Taught Programmes Office. You can also find term dates and other data in the right hand menu on this webpage.

We are monitoring timetables, and will investigate any issue raised concerning student or staff timetables, which means that it is very possible that a problem you are reporting is likely to have been spotted, and we will be working to fix it.  Do try checking the timetable again from time–to-time, to see if all is now well, rather than waiting for a reply.

Specifically, students may not be able to see group activities or, in a few instances, any of their lectures or classes via "My Timetable": 
This is mostly where the timetabling data needs to catch up with enrolment and module selection data.
Additionally, in most cases, to see group activities, you will need to view “MyModules”  or (“Modules”, using Shift-Click to select all registered modules).  This is because group allocations will take place between now and the third week of term.
“My Timetable” will show your individual group activities once you have been allocated to specific groups.

Students, if you cannot see “MyModules”, please try the plain “Modules” tab.  From there you can select all your modules by holding down “Shift” and clicking the relevant modules from the list.  We will do our best to sort out your timetable, so the “MyModules” should start working in the next few days.

It is important to note that timetable changes do happen from time-to-time and so we encourage all staff and students to use the online timetable and not rely on hard copies or photographs.  Why not “favourite” the Timetable link.


Any bookings involving external guests or catering please email the Conference Services team at conference@brunel.ac.uk.  Conference meeting rooms are available year-round.

Staff can view room availability by logging into the timetabling website via Timetable and selecting the “Rooms” view.

Currently the teaching timetable is still being finalised, to accommodate the success of clearing in increasing cohort sizes and to handle all the room changes as staff and departments are moved following the opening of the refurbished Wilfred Brown and closure of the John Crank Buildings.  This has meant that teaching space cannot yet be made available to those with access to Web Room Booking;  we have only been able to release department meeting rooms, to those who use Scientia to manage their meeting room bookings.

We anticipate opening full access during the second half of October.  In the meantime, please email Timetabling@brunel.ac.uk with details of any room bookings.  Do include the date of the event to be booked in the Subject line, so that we can prioritise requests appropriately, and note that currently we are only booking non-induction and non-teaching events up to the end of September 2017.

Following any teaching, meeting or society booking, please ensure your room is left in a state fit for teaching, with all litter cleared away and furniture left in a presentable fashion. Failure to adhere to this may result in refusal of future ad-hoc room bookings.

Please also report any problems with teaching space (such as locked doors or leaks) to Timetabling@brunel.ac.uk or via x.67024 and we will forward the problem to the relevant University team.


If you are a student looking for information on your course, please contact your department’s Taught Programmes Office. You can also find term dates and other data in the right hand menu on this webpage.

If you suspect a double-booking has occurred or are unable to give your scheduled teaching, please email Timetabling@brunel.ac.uk , or if urgent call ext. 67024 and we will investigate on your behalf.

To change any aspects of a teaching activity, please contact your programme or module leader in the first instance.  Change requests need to be made via this route.