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Students First - One year on

It has been just over a year since the launch of the Students First programme - a cross-university initiative ensuring that the student experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Colleagues from across Brunel came together online on Wednesday 4 November to highlight some inspiring initiatives happening across the University, celebrate the year's successes and talk about next steps. 

Videos from our welcome session and plenary arre available below.

WiBEC Launch 2019 6_14184

Welcome from Prof Rebecca Lingwood and Prof Bill Leahy



Big Hello 3_14269

The Student Charter: Reviewing our expectations

  • Find out about the latest work on the charter and discuss these questions: In the current climate, what changes are required in the charter? How can the Union of Brunel Students, Brunel and students work better together? What are the priorities for these three stakeholders?
Maths PGCE -16_9876

Our Student Community: Building cohorts and communities in blended learning


Teaching Quality: supporting staff in delivering quality blended learning

  • Discuss the support to deliver quality blended learning and consider the pros and cons of the platforms available.


Student Centre 15_6991

Student Support: Providing effective support online

  • Discussion will focus on these three questions: How can we ensure that students make the most out of the support that is available? Are there gaps in the support available to students? Are we meeting our students’ expectations?
Learning and Teaching Symposium 4_10700

Academic Professional Development Unit: Setting the agenda

  • Meet the Academic Professional Development Unit team, who will share their ideas on supporting the development of our academic colleagues. There will be opportunities for your feedback and suggestions.

The Awarding Gap: Understanding and addressing the correlation between student experience and the ethnicity awarding gap

  • Find out about work taking place across the university to improve equality and inclusion, including the inclusion tool kit.


Teaching _ Learning Symposium 2_7305

Plenary with Prof Rebecca Lingwood and Helen Coleman