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Dr Pin Lean Lau's joint statement at EU Health Policy Platform Annual Meeting


On 19 April 2023 Dr Pin Lean Lau, on behalf of the Brunel Centre for Artificial Intelligence: Social and Digital Innovation, with partners from Health Action International, presented their joint statement on the effects of health AI on key populations at the EU Health Policy Platform Annual Meeting in Luxembourg.

"We call for attention to both the positive and potential negative effects of health AI on key populations, including, but not limited to, the aging population, undocumented people or people with insecure residence status, persons experiencing mental health problems, persons with rare diseases and disabilities, members of the LGBTQI community, and racial and ethnic minorities such as Roma people, Travellers, and the Sami, and draw attention to intersecting systems of oppression, such as gender inequalities, anti-Roma racism, and other patterns of discrimination, which may ultimately feed into AI systems unless an appropriate governance/legislative framework is in place" – the researchers wrote in the document

“We're very proud of the statement - and we were equally delighted to see that it was also picked up by POLITICO Europe in its newsletter” – Dr Pin Lean Lau commented.





Reported by

Dr Eliza Kania (Journal Manager and Research Communications Officer)