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Written evidence: Propriety of governance in light of Greensill - Prof Justin Fisher


How should lobbying activity be regulated? How far does the Lobbying Act provide an effective statutory basis for the regulation of lobbying? Read the written evidence submitted by Professor Justin Fisher. 

Executive Summary 

  • Lobbying is a positive aspect of democratic life and is undertaken by a broad range of political actors – not just the private sector.
  • The Register of Lobbyists covers only a tiny proportion of lobbying activity.
  • There has been progress in self-regulation of lobbying conduct via the Public Affairs Code, but its coverage is far from complete.
  • The Register of Lobbyists should be expanded to cover all professional lobbying activity.
  • The existing Public Affairs Code should apply to all professional lobbyists.
  • An independent self-regulatory body should be established to oversee and enforce the Public Affairs Code.
  • Failure to establish such an independent body within a reasonable timeframe should result in statutory enforcement of the Public Affairs Code.

Read the full written evidence here.

May 2021