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Anthropology work placements

Take advantage of real-life work experience to gain a competitive advantage on your anthropology degree.

You have the option to undertake two six-month placements, or a year-long placement whilst studying one of our anthropology degrees.

If you opt to go on two six-month work placements, then you can use the first one to help determine an area of interest to you in the future. You have the freedom of choice when looking for placements and can be based locally for one and go abroad for the second one.

You’ll have support from day one of your anthropology course from your personal tutors and the Professional Development Centre in finding a suitable work placement according to your interests. They can range from working in a church, in a museum to supporting charities on-sites and studying a local community within a village.

This invaluable experience will not only build your confidence but also provide you with a platform to showcase your project management, organisational and creative skills in the workplace. 

Some of our students have completed their placements in Guatemala, London, Malaysia and Morocco which really gives a global perspective.

Fieldwork can also be conducted as volunteering to give you a real insight into cultures and communities. For example, one of our students did charity work in Cambodia and enjoyed experiencing different cultures and working with a range of people from different backgrounds.

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