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Mr Rakesh Mohun

Mr Rakesh Mohun is a Lecturer and Digital Studio Manager in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics for the Digital Media course at Brunel University. His specialisms include exploring digital design solutions to ‘real-world problems’. He has over 15 years of film production and motion graphics design experience whose former roles include Motion Graphics Artist, Cameraman, Video Editor, Photographer and Director of Photography. Every year during the summer period Rakesh collaborates on various projects like title sequences, promo videos, video editing, photo shoots and motion graphics animations. He has previously worked with a well renown Creative Director and Director, Peter Anderson, for companies such BBC, Amazon Prime and ITV. He also collaborates with the fitness industry by creating branding and fitness videos for a British wellness and body coach, Will B Global. Rakesh has been the Brunel Digital Media lead on Co-Innovate collaborations with London based SMEs since 2019. The experience working with the start-ups, small businesses has been really rewarding not only for Digital Media students but also for Rakesh:

‘’We have a wide pool of talent at Brunel and it's important we nurture that to its full potential. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my module this year because of the inclusion of live briefs. This gave a sense of purpose and satisfaction to both my students and myself.’’

Research Interests

Relantionship between Design, Communication and Interpretation 

•  Design: process, methods, designation, implementation
•  Communication: systems, technology, styles and barriers of
•  Interpretation: timelines, psychology, cultures