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Why study criminology at Brunel?

Criminology is a field of study that will prepare you for a career where you can make a positive impact on the world around you.

Brunel offers you a unique experience to enrol on a degree created holistically, with the community's needs at the heart of the curriculum. We recognise that criminology is a fast-moving, constantly evolving subject that reflects current social, political and media trends.  As a criminology student you will be provided with opportunities and resources you need to develop an increased awareness and understanding of personal values and the cultural and political environment we all experience daily.

Along with recognising the absolute necessity of providing you with a practical education that can be translated into employment, our department also recognises and emphasises the importance of evidence-based theory. We will encourage you to develop your understanding of the role you can play in the criminal justice system in many ways. Among others, you will be taught how to evaluate concepts of crime and deviance critically, understand the role of the media in constructing criminality, and consider the impact of the patriarchal nature of the criminal justice system on women and marginalised populations.

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