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Careers and your future

Criminology graduates have many career options open to them. These include working in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Launch your criminology career

Having graduated with a degree in criminology, you will be able to apply your skills and interests in a variety of settings. Our degree is designed for students who want to work within the criminal justice system and related industries. But you might also find employment in drug and alcohol support services, youth services, victim support services, as well as other third sector organisations and community-based services.

Criminology is a flexible degree that offers a good grounding for a number of diverse career routes. Check out our (non-exhaustive) list of potential career paths that you can consider with your degree:

  • activist
  • adult guidance worker
  • barrister
  • Border Force officer
  • charity officer
  • civil rights lawyer
  • civil service administrator
  • community development worker
  • communications Officer
  • counsellor
  • crime scene investigator
  • criminal intelligence analyst
  • criminologist
  • customs officer
  • cyber intelligence officer
  • detective
  • government officer
  • housing manager/officer
  • immigration officer
  • lawyer
  • media analyst
  • paralegal
  • police officer
  • political risk analyst
  • prison officer
  • probation officer
  • social researcher
  • social worker
  • solicitor
  • youth justice officer
  • youth worker

Take your career further with a postgraduate degree

We want our students to think of education as a lifelong pursuit. Our  degree in criminology will help you consider many different career paths and equip you with the skills you need to pursue further studies, either right after graduation or at any point in your career. 

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