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Brunel Student Lettings Application

Useful information before applying

  • Please view currently available properties and enquire within application to arrange an appointment to view suitable properties. You will be able to submit more viewing requests if submitted properties are not suitable or are no longer available.
  • By completing this application your group is applying for the Head Lease Scheme.
  • Only one application per group.
  • You can only apply to be in one group only make an application with one group; if a student applies in more than one group, all applications may be rejected. 
  • Your group will need to appoint a “Lead Tenant”. This person will be responsible for submitting the application, arranging viewings for the group, reporting repairs, dealing with the gas, electric and water bills and generally liaising with Brunel Student Lettings when access to the property is required.
  • On submission of this form the Lead Tenant will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application.
  • It is the responsibility of the student completing this form (Lead Tenant) to ensure that true and correct information has been provided for each group member.
  • Please ensure all members of the group are consulted and have given their consent for their details to be submitted.
  • If any member of the group has outstanding accommodation fees, your group will not be eligible to secure an off campus property until all outstanding fees have been cleared.
  • If any member of the group has a residences ban for on campus accommodation, your group will not be eligible to apply for off campus housing.

Why should you rent  through Brunel Student Lettings?

  • The University is your landlord - you will deal with Brunel Student Lettings throughout your stay for queries on repairs, rents, viewings etc
  • Low deposit of £350 per person
  • Rental instalments are aligned with your Student Loan payments
  • No additional fees are charged eg reference fees, inventory etc
  • No guarantors are required for students over the age of 18
  • Out of hours support is provided by the 24 hour campus Security Office
  • Insurance- similarly to On Campus, insurance included in the rent
  • Continued support - the team will be available to you for your complete student home experience. You will have access to our friendly team from viewings through to vacating your property at the end of your contract.

What happens after applying

  • The application will be processed and viewings prioritised by date of submission, (subject to your group availability for our pre-arranged viewing slots).
  • Property viewings will start as soon as properties are advertised on the Brunel website.
  • After your group has viewed/chosen the property, to secure off campus housing a £350 (per person) deposit is required and all the group will need to pay this before signing your contract. We strongly advise all of the group to view the property wherever possible.
  • You should notify us of an interest in securing a property and check property availability before making any deposit payments; short deadlines will be given to make deposit payments so please ensure you have funds readily available. Securing of the property will be prioritised by your group's last deposit payment date.
  • After all required deposits are paid, we will prepare your contract and email you an invitation to attend and sign the contract as a group. You will need to visit the Accommodation Centre within seven days of receiving the invitation email, (depending on the contract start date, a shorter deadline may be given).
  • Before the deposit has been paid to secure off campus accommodation you will not be charged if there is a change of tenant. If a member of your group changes, your Lead Tenant will need to re-submit your group application and add a note in a comment box to cancel your previous application. 
  • After the deposit has been paid and/or you have signed an agreement you will be liable for the rent for the whole contract period. You will be responsible for finding a replacement tenant for the property. Brunel Student Lettings will endeavour to find a replacement tenant as well. Once the replacement is found and the new contract has been signed, the original tenant will be charged a £50 Change of Tenant Administration Fee and, where applicable, they will be liable to pay the rent up until the change of contract if the contract has already started.
  • Please note: It is important to notify Brunel Student Lettings of any change of your group member circumstances, which may affect your application/booking as soon as possible so we could guide, help and support you more effectively.

 Please ensure that you read through the above terms and conditions carefully before making your application.

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