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The Office of Student Complaints, Conduct and Appeals (OSCCA) sits within the Directorate of the Academic Registrar and Student Services. OSCCA provides expertise in dealing with a number of areas of student casework, including student complaints, academic appeals, professional suitability and student conduct.

This page provides an overview of OSCCA’s main areas of responsibility, as well as links to further information about each area and sources of support for students. For members of staff, OSCCA is also able to provide training, advice and guidance in any of these areas.


The University has a Complaints Procedure to help us address issues when a student feels that a service we provide has fallen below the standard they expect. OSCCA is responsible for investigating and responding to complaints that reach Stage 2 (formal stage) of the complaints procedure.


Academic Appeals

The University has an Academic Appeals Procedure, which in certain circumstances allows students to ask for a review of a decision relating to academic progress or an award. OSCCA is responsible for dealing with University level academic appeals.



Student Misconduct (Academic & Non-Academic) and Fitness to Practise

OSCCA manages the implementation of Senate Regulation 6, which covers academic and non-academic misconduct of students; and Senate Regulation 14, which covers professional suitability. The team is also responsible for investigating cases of non-academic misconduct.

Contact for academic misconduct: for Non-Academic Misconduct

Immigration Compliance

All students must have permission to live and study in the UK for the duration of their programme at the University. If this permission is removed, action may be taken under Senate Regulation 15 and the Immigration Compliance Procedure

To appeal a decision please complete an SR15 Appeal Form and submit it to

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

OSCCA is responsible for responding to complaints and appeals made by Brunel students to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA). More information about the OIA can be found at

Sources of Support

There are a number of sources of support available to students who are involved with one of the above processes:

If you’re involved in, or witness, a worrying or troublesome situation on campus then you can contact the Security Office on 01895 255786.