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The growth economic paradigm, human and non-human bodies, and wellbeing

'The growth economic paradigm, human and non-human bodies, and wellbeing' is the third of three events of the Performance and Political Economy: Bodies, Politics, and Well-Being in the 21st Century online Research Seminar Series. The series’ main aim is to examine timely issues regarding the relationship between bodies, politics, and well-being through interdisciplinary dialogues between researchers, industry professionals, and stakeholders from the arts, politics, and health and well-being. It invites ten international speakers in three curated, interlinked, dialogical events.

Dr Katerina Paramana, who curated and organised this research seminar series says: "Join us to hear from these fantastic speakers. We will start each event with short presentations by the speakers, engage in dialogue, and then open to you for questions."

"This third event examines how the growth economic paradigm affects the well-being of human and non-human bodies (and strategies that can be employed to effect change). It brings into dialogue the following speakers:

 • Stephen Butler, Professor of Health and Well-Being, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

• Gareth Dale, Reader in Political Economy, Brunel University London

Marina Gržinić, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria and ZRC SAZU, Institute of Philosophy, Ljubljana, Slovenia

 Please email to book.

 This series contributes to the work of the Performance, Cultures and Politics Research Group and is supported by the Research Seminar Series Award 2022-23 and the Department of Arts and Humanities, Brunel University London.