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Dr Gareth Dale
Reader in Political Economy

Marie Jahoda 214


Gareth is Associate Head of the Department of Social and Political Sciences. He worked at Birkbeck, the LSE, and Swansea University before joining Brunel University in 2005. His most recent books are the edited collections Revolutionary Rehearsals in the Neoliberal Age (Haymarket 2021) and Exploring the Thought of Karl Polanyi (Agenda 2019). In 2016 he published Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left (Columbia UP) and Reconstructing Karl Polanyi: Excavation and Critique (Pluto), and Karl Polanyi: The Hungarian Writings (Manchester UP), and a critical appraisal of ‘Green Growth’ strategies (Zed Books), and The Politics of East European Area Studies (co-edited; Routledge). His earlier books were on Karl Polanyi (Polity, 2010), the political economy of Eastern Europe (Pluto), migrant labour in the European Union (Berg), and a trilogy on East Germany: its economic historyprotest movements, and 1989 revolution (Peter Lang, Routledge, and Manchester UP).

He tweets at Gareth_Dale His articles are accessible either on this page or, at greater range, here and here. Some talks are here.

His work has appeared in Arabic, Bengali, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Kazakh, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Gareth has supervised doctoral dissertations on topics including the petrodollar system, the decarbonisation agenda, environmental political theory, Karl Polanyi, the political economy of Hungary, European communism, the New Institutional Economic History, the geopolitics of the Arctic, and the EU's management of the Greek crisis. He has examined doctoral dissertations on topics including the ideology of economic growth, the life and work of Karl Polanyi, social democracy, migration and class conflict in post-communist Europe, Australia’s military interventions, and the ‘thought-practices’ of Plaid Cymru.


  • BA (Combined Studies) University of Manchester
  • PhD (Government) University of Manchester

Newest selected publications

Dale, G. (2024) 'Extraction of raw materials could rise 60% by 2060 - so is degrowth the answer?'. The Conversation. pp. 1 - 2.Open Access Link

Journal article

Dale, G. (2023) 'The great acceleration: is it ending and what comes next?'. The Ecologist. pp. 1 - 11. ISSN: 0012-9631 Open Access Link

Journal article

Dale, G. (2023) 'El Niño Is About to Accelerate the Global Climate Crisis. It’s Time for Action.'. Truthout. pp. 1 - 8.Open Access Link

Journal article

Dale, G. and Unkovski-Korica, V. (2022) 'Varieties of capitalism or variegated state capitalism? East Germany and Yugoslavia in comparative perspective'. Business History, 65 (7). pp. 1 - 33. ISSN: 0007-6791 Open Access Link

Journal article

Dale, G. (2022) 'Sustainability in the Ancient World: Sufficiency as a Strategy of Aristocratic Hegemony', in Karagiannis, N. and King, J. (eds.) Visions and Strategies for a Sustainable Economy: Theoretical and Policy Alternatives. London : Palgrave (Springer Nature). pp. 3 - 33. ISBN 10: 3-031-06493-3. ISBN 13: 978-3-031-06492-0. Open Access Link

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