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Fire safety on campus at Brunel University London


Following the fire at Grenfell Tower, we are aware that many students, parents and staff may have concerns about the residential blocks we have on campus.  We want to reassure our community that their safety is our utmost priority, and to provide information about the materials in use on campus, our own safety procedures, and some special efforts we are making now in light of the recent tragedy.

Of our 35 residential blocks for students, 23 have external cladding and none is high rise. 

There are two types of cladding in use, and both the cladding and insulation materials specified exceed the requirements for buildings of this height when they were installed between 2005 and 2008. There is no cladding on campus of the type installed at Grenfell Tower.  

Nonetheless, we are currently working with cladding manufacturers to conduct precautionary inspections of these materials, in order to be absolutely certain that the cladding used remains within the regulations. The results of this will be shared internally and externally by the middle of July.

We also want to reassure our community that our fire protection procedures are robust and enable the safe evacuation of people, including: 

  • regularly tested fire alarms and detection systems across campus, specified to an extremely high standard, linking to a 24-hour control room connected with the London Fire Brigade 
  • the University Fire Response Team, which is dispatched to all campus fire alarm activations within one minute 
  • fire evacuation drills carried out throughout the year, with individual escape plans for people with a disability or a long-term medical condition 
  • fire escapes, which are well signposted and which highlight fire assembly points. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Media Relations team, who will ensure that your query is directed to the appropriate individuals.

Reported by:

Joe Buchanunn, Media Relations