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Made in Brunel recognised for teaching excellence


Made in Brunel (MIB), the annual flagship showcase for students from Brunel Design School, has been recognised today for teaching excellence with a CATE award from Advance HE – the third such award for Brunel University London. 

The CATE Award (Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence) is awarded annually to highlight the outstanding impact of individuals and teams who teach or support learning at UK universities. 

MIB – launched in 2006 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s birthday and the 40th anniversary of the University – gives students from across the institution’s design courses the opportunity to exhibit their end-of-year projects to industry professionals and the public. 

Every new MIB exhibition is based around a different sub-brand and visual identity, changing each year to match the new generation’s values and aspirations. 

The sub-brand each year’s MIB links all teaching and learning activities for that year, bringing students, academics and technicians together to co-create a series of learning-focused activities centred around, and led by, students. 

This year’s event, which took place at the Oxo Tower in London, highlighted a range of innovative products, including a headset to help deaf cyclists ‘feel’ traffic, a pay-as-you-go lighting system for rural Malawians, and a fungal wall panel that can help tackle air pollution

“Each year, the Made in Brunel team takes pride to leave their unique mark while maintaining the core brand value and the highest quality of work,” said Prof Hua Dong, Head of Brunel Design School. 

“Made in Brunel has evolved to become a flagship of Brunel Design School, a cornerstone of the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences, and a symbol of excellence for Brunel University London.” 

This year, Advance HE announced that 54 new National Teaching Fellows are awarded, along with 16 winning CATE teams. Since CATE’s introduction in 2016, Brunel teams have won three times: its Biosciences team in 2017 and its Bring-Your-Own-Device scheme in 2019

Alison Johns, Chief Executive of Advance HE said, “Congratulations to each and every new National Teaching Fellow and CATE team on this fantastic achievement.  

“At Advance HE, we run the prestigious NTF and CATE awards for the UK higher education sector with enormous pride. The challenges of offering an outstanding teaching experience in recent years have been very demanding, but the sector has risen to the challenge.”   

Prof Dong added: “Made in Brunel is an example of extraordinary learning and teaching experience resulting from excellent student–staff partnership. Although a small number of names were listed, more people contributed to its sustained success. Congratulations to all!” 

MIB through the years….

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  • Making Our Mark, 2007
  • Made in Brunel 08, 2008
  • Thinking out Loud, 2009
  • 250 Innovative Ideas, 2010
  • The Colour of Innovation, 2011
  • Journeys Fuelled by Ideas, 2012
  • Out of The Blue, 2013
  • Only the Beginning, 2014
  • Fresh Perspectives, 2015
  • Breaking Ground, 2016
  • Redefining, 2017
  • EMERGING, 2018
  • Futures, 2019
  • We Are Made in Brunel, 2020
  • ABOVE THE FOLD, 2021
  • Blueprints, 2022

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