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Brunel Design School

Design student getting hands on during product design workshop
Design student getting hands on during product design workshop
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Why the Brunel Design School?

Brunel Design School brings together the subjects of design and digital media in response to the increasing demand for creative talent in the ever-growing design industry and rapidly expanding digital economy. Already one of the top design education providers within the UK university sector, the new design school stands out as unique by approaching design from the perspective of engineering. The university’s strong technological background means that the Brunel Design School will not only produce graduates that are highly creative thinkers and conceptual problem solvers, but who also possess a clear understanding of "how things work".

From the Dean of the Brunel Design School 


In the spirit of our namesake Isambard Kingdom Brunel, one of Britain’s most creative designers and engineers, the Brunel Design School strives to put innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of everything we do. Sustainability, human-centred design, enabling technology, and business & strategy define our core research and teaching foci. 

Our students are involved in Made in Brunel throughout their time at Brunel and the finale is their graduate showcase held in central London.  

“MiB has always had a large role in showcasing the talent of Brunel, as well as the best up and coming designers, and certainly had a large role in inspiring me to study design.” “I’ve learned so much and been challenged so hard, I have come out the other end a different person.” 

I look forward to you joining us and hope you will have the same feeling upon graduation.   


Professor Hua Dong 

Dean of Brunel Design School 


Focusing on your future 

Diverse and innovative final year projects

Here we can have a selection of final year Design and Digital Media projects:  

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