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Afghanistan and Central Asian Association - Political Communications Intern

Details of the Charity:

The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) was founded in 2000 to support vulnerable refugees and migrants, living in some of the most disadvantaged and deprived areas of London, to improve their well being, independence, aspirations and integration. We provide a wide range of social, cultural, and educational services and place a heavy focus on gender equity within the displaced communities. We aim to break down language and cultural barriers and give our community a voice and address their needs. Our work is underpinned by a community development ethos centred on addressing individual needs and circumstances. Although our main area of support is refugee families, our activities are open to all as part of our long-standing integration agenda.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

As a volunteer political communications intern, your primary responsibility will be to assist with the communication efforts of a political campaign or organization. This may involve conducting research on issues and policies related to the campaign, drafting various communication materials such as social media posts, and contributing to other communication initiatives.

Other responsibilities may include:

  • To contact charities and businesses in the UK and internationally to raise awareness of ACAA's work and find potential funding and partnerships
  • To contact British Members of Parliament, Councillors and Politicians in other countries who have an interest in Afghanistan and Central Asia to introduce them to the ACAA and discuss our initiatives 
  • To organise events to highlight the impact of ACAA's work
  • To assist in written content for social media
  • To write press releases and articles 

Skills Required:

  • Experience in working for and with charities and service and advocacy organisations
  • Professional communication skills 
  • Experience in writing political and policy type documents 
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English 
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Interest in international affairs, refugees and asylum seekers, Afghanistan, and advocating for Afghani communities in the UK 
  • Any additional languages are a bonus

Additional Benefits:

  • Volunteering Hours to go towards the Brunel Volunteers Award
  • Volunteering achievement recognised on your HEAR Transcript

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