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Dr Abhishek Lahiri
Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Quad North 049


Dr. Lahiri joined Brunel University as lecturer in March 2020. He got his PhD from University of Leeds in 2008 after which he went on to do his Postdoc in USA and Japan. From 2011 he joined Clausthal University of Technology in Prof Frank Endres group and worked extensively on electrodeposition in ionic liquids and understanding the battery electrode/electrolyte interface.

His work primarily focusses on electrochemical synthesis of functional materials using ionic liquids for energy storage and electrocatalysis. Besides, he focusses on sustainable extraction process for recovery of metal/metal oxides from electronic wastes and lithium ion batteries.

In ionic liquids, the electrode/electrolyte interface is considerably different from aqueous electrolytes and therefore controlling and modifying the interface leads to change in functional properties of the materials. His research focusses and utilises the property of interfacial modulation to develop new functional materials and tries to bridge the gap between fundamental aspects of electrochemistry and applied electrochemistry. Questions such as can we design a suitable interface to develop dendrite-free deposits which are essential for developing high energy density Li/Na metal batteries are targeted. Besides, developing batteries for grid energy storage with sustainable materials are being researched.

Newest selected publications

Lahiri, A., Lakshya, AK., Guan, S., Anguilano, L. and Chowdhury, A. (2022) 'Impact of different metallic forms of nickel on hydrogen evolution reaction'. Scripta Materialia, 218. pp. 1 - 5. ISSN: 1359-6462

Journal article

Kumar, BA., Ramalingam, G., Rangasamy, B., Lahiri, A., Somaily, HH., Alzahrani, JS. and et al. (2022) 'Enhanced α-Mn2O3 nanorods synthesized by one-pot hydrothermal route for supercapacitors'. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 33 (14). pp. 11067 - 11077. ISSN: 0957-4522

Journal article

Yang, L., Lahiri, A., Krebs, F. and Endres, F. (2022) 'Zinc Storage Mechanism in Polypyrrole Electrodeposited from Aqueous, Organic, and Ionic Liquid Electrolytes: An in Situ Raman Spectroelectrochemical Study'. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 5 (3). pp. 3217 - 3226. ISSN: 2574-0962

Journal article

Lahiri, A. and Jha, A. (2022) 'Accelerated Electro-Reduction of TiO2 to Metallic Ti in a CaCl2 Bath Using an Inert Intermetallic Anode'. Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 102 (1). pp. 127 - 137. ISSN: 0970-4140 Open Access Link

Journal article

Masoudi Soltani, S., Lahiri, A., Bahzad, H., Clough, P., Gorbounov, M. and Yan, Y. (2021) 'Sorption-enhanced Steam Methane Reforming for Combined CO2 Capture and Hydrogen Production: A State-of-the-Art Review'. Carbon Capture Science & Technology, 1. pp. 1 - 17. ISSN: 2772-6568 Open Access Link

Journal article
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