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Projects are available in the following areas of computational biology:

  • Development of novel methods to detect propagation of allosteric signal transmission in protein structures
  • Development of novel methods to analysis multiscale allosteric signal transmission in protein-protein interaction networks
  • Development of novel methods to redesign functional motions in proteins

PhD projects for research students

Development of machine learning methods to redesign protein dynamics

Protein function is often coupled with conformational changes. This project is aimed at developing machine learning methods to inform protein design. The student will be required to design, develop and implement software solutions to guide the selection of mutations for rational design of protein dynamics in a series of bacterial proteins. The student will be a member of the Computational Design Lab and of the Synthetic Biology Theme. Requirements: 1. BSc and/or MSc degree in computer science, computational biology, computational chemistry or bioinformatics. 2. Background in biomolecular simulations, software development in Python and Linux/UNIX.