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Dr Alice Baynes
Divisional Lead / Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences

Heinz Wolff 001D

Research supervision

Doctoral research

First supervisor

Konstantinos Panagiotidis (2020- NERC London DTP): ‘Effects of environmental pollution on Molluscan endocrinology’

Georgina Fauconier (nee Collins) (2019-2022 NERC London DTP): ‘A ‘new’ microsporidian in the UK: Investigations into a formerly unknown microsporidian infecting juvenile European Smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) from the River Thames’

2013-2021 Nicola Beresford (Part-time): ‘oestrogens and anti-androgens in the aquatic environment and their effects on fish’. completed.

Second supervisor

Eghosa Maurice Imiuwa 2021- 'impacts of anti-depressant drugs on Biomphalaria glabrata'

Obiageli Constance Ejilibe 2021- 'retinoid disruption in fish'

2011-2014 Christopher Green: ‘Assessing the roles of anti-androgenic and oestrogenic mixtures on endocrine disruption in fish’. completed.