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Dr Billur Ozgul
Lecturer in Political Communications

Marie Johoda 154a

Research area(s)

  • Comparative Analysis of Alternative Media Organisations
  • Comparative Political Analysis of Digitally Mediated Movements
  • The Role of ICTs in Periods of Protests
  • Social, Political and Cultural Impact of ICTs

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

I have recently completed a multilingual and international research project commissioned by the British Council and Open University where I and seven other researchers explored global audience reactions to a cultural diplomacy campaign of the British Council.  For further information please see:

Presently, I am working on two collaborative projects. My "alternative media" project with Anastasia Veneti analyses and compares the organisational structures of alternative media projects in Turkey and Greece; two countries that have recently witnessed networked social movements. Drawing on in-depth interviews with journalists working in six alternative media projects, we inform on the news production process, the news values, and normative ideals adopted by these journalists while covering the news and explore if they make use of similar or different organisational structures. We invite a rethinking of alternative media to focus on their unique features and the differing experiences and values of their journalists.

I have also recently joined the “Crises in Digital Spaces” project that also includes Ozge Ozduzen, Nelli Ferenczi, and Bogdan Ionasev. The project addresses nuances in citizens’ anti-lockdown hashtag use during the Covid-19 crisis period and studies the motivations, political emotions, and cognitions of different types of mobilisations against lockdowns.