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Kate's research focuses on education policy, identity and inequalities in relation to further and higher education opportunities and experiences. She has drawn on life history interviewing to explore how women professors experience and construct their careers. One of her recent research projects explored social mobility within academy schools to understand the likely success of these schools in improving student mobility. Her current funded research project draws on life history interviewing to explore Early Years Educators construction and enactment of their professional identities, with a particular focus on the impact of localism on their higher education pathways.


Research Group Leader - Education, Identities and Society (EIS)

Outline of areas of interest

The Education, Identities and Society (EIS) research group is comprised of interdisciplinary scholars working within the Department of Education. The group has a strong and sustained research profile which sits at the intersection of Education, Sociology, Human Geography, Youth Studies and Digital Presence. Our work covers all educational sectors, and includes informal and alternative education settings. We strive for theoretically driven research that also has an important applied and policy focus. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Access and widening participation
  • Embodiment and embodied learning
  • Family and parenting
  • Youth identities
  • Professional formations and professional identities
  • Power, resistance, and compliance

This list is not exhaustive and there is much work going on in associated areas. We have considerable success in grant capture, publication, and research impact.  The group aims to collaborate and support each other with writing articles, book chapters, monographs, conference papers and research grant applications. The group also plans and hosts research seminar events which draw on the professional networks of group members within our individual areas expertise.

Newest selected publications

Hoskins, K. (2020) 'How does identity shape young people’s experiences of schooling and education?', in Lord, J. (ed.) Studying Education: An introduction to the study and exploration of education.

Book chapter

Crowe, N. and Hoskins, K. (2019) 'Researching Transgression: Ana as a Youth Subculture in the Age of Digital Ethnography'. Societies, 9 (3). pp. 53 - 53. ISSN: 2075-4698 Open Access Link

Journal article

Hoskins, K. and Smedley, S. (2019) 'We need to play for more time'. Early Years Educator, 20 (12). pp. 50 - 50. ISSN: 1465-931X Open Access Link

Journal article

Hoskins, K. and Smedley, S. (2019) 'Enacting Froebelian principles in practice: summary report'. Place of publication: The Froebel Trust.


Smedley, S. and Hoskins, K. (2019) 'Exploring the role of Froebelian theory in constructing early years practitioners’ sense of professionalism'. Early Years (CEYE). pp. 1 - 15. ISSN: 0957-5146 Open Access Link

Journal article
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